Accepting the Ordinary


 Have you ever been in a place in childhood, on an open house day with your mum and dad Being disappointed with you; where you failed to perform well, and your sibling or your close friend performed really really well?

As you grew over the years, you had an idea, which seemed so important to you but someone said- “It doesn’t really make sense; You need to re-think!”

When you wanted to make a choice of your career, of something you like but you were asked to choose something, which was a norm you were asked to follow!Or has anyone ever said to you, “You are not good enough! You won’t be able to do it! You don’t have it in you!” Or, “I expect you to be like this, least you could do: is listen to me!”

All the choices you made, with a peer pressure or with someone having to tell you-    “who you really have to be like” ; While, the world said- “BE DIFFERERENT!

And you begin to mould yourself to be apparently “DIFFERENT” but actually competing and trying to be like someone or better than someone around you!

Well, the result is out- Congratulations! you have successfully failed!

It comes as a big shock to you-WHY? What went wrong? I tried everything he did but why me??? Coming to a conclusion- He’s LUCKY! And I probably don’t have it in me!

Ofcourse, you didn’t have it in you! Because, it WASN’T YOU!

Because you believed it in your heart, that idea which is in you is very ordinary and it has NO VALUE! You believed it – you have no say or place in the world, your just an ordinary person where everyone around you is absolutely talented!

There’s an interesting fact, According to the psychologist,every human being possesses 80% of someone else’s identity.

Hence, in order to being someone you’re not,”you’re letting go of yourself” You forget the beautiful purpose you were ever called for, and the beauty that you have been designed in; letting go off Your extravagant idea which was birthed as an ordinary one, kicked far away in search for another idea like anyone else.

But, but… Extraordinary magic is woven through an ordinary life! It’s an amazing process of ups and downs that is Incurred to make your ordinary dreams come true.

As stated by C.S. Lewis, “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” 

For every hardships you go through is an experience for someone else. But in the end, it’s all about ACCEPTING who YOU really are! Accepting your weakness and your strengths,Accepting your skin colour and your physical appearance; unmasking the “I’m all ok face” and looking at the darkness within and accepting every bit of it, only then: will  ACCEPTANCE heal Everything.

Winston Churchill mentioned-“life can either be accepted or changed,it must be changed, if it cannot be changed it must be accepted”

You and I need to believe the fact,

“You are ordinary only ; till the day you realise that you have the power to change the world!”

For it only takes a small matchstick to light up the candle to bring light in darkness, no matter how insignificant  you feel in this world, you are a BIG reason  to light up this world !

Hence, Accept the ORDINARY in you and In the people around you; for you are wonderfully and beautifully made!




As a tree has various kinds of leaves of different shapes and sizes,

 and every single leaf so distinctly different,

 so are YOU among all the others of the world,


You may feel how can you make a difference in a huge world like this?

But If a tree starts shedding its leaves,it will not be of any use to any other.

You are IMPORTANT like the single leaf of that tree,designed of its kind,

You are not ordinary but EXTRA ORDINARY,

Like the leaf distinctly defined.

Because there is NO ONE LIKE YOU!

There cannot be any other person identical,

with the bunch of talents and emotions and thoughts and desires like you possess!


and endowed with the best combinations of your talents and emotions!

So Don’t desire someone else’s life and Gifts,

Look at the beautiful person within,